FAQs For IIIT-D Students

Course & Registration

  • 1. How should we plan for taking courses?
    Should consult the concerned program coordinator before pre-registration
  • 2. If we wish to take two courses, however in the time table both the courses are clashing, whom should we request?
    Student Senate
  • 3. If a few important courses are not offered, however these courses satisfy the core/bucket or specialization requirement, whom should we request to explore the possibility of offering the course?
    HOD of respective Department; You can just request and not demand for offering a course as offering of course depends on many other aspects
  • 4. Are we allowed to register IP and IS together in a semester?
  • 5. Are we allowed to register IP/IS under visiting Faculty?
  • 6. Are we allowed to register IP/IS under Guest Faculty?
    Allowed only when the Guest faculty is taking a course in the same semester
  • 7. Are we allowed to register IP/IS under Adjunct Faculty?
  • 8. Can we give improvement exam in courses?
    Yes, by registering the course again in the subsequent semesters and then appearing for the exam)
  • 9. When can we replace a course?
    Any time after publication of results of a particular semester, provided it doesn’t result in under load
  • 10. How many credits a student should have registered to be eligible to replace a course?
    If the student has done additional courses over & above normal load i.e. 12 credits of courses including IP/IS in a semester with pass grade (other than Thesis/SP, OOPD, RM & TA load
  • 11. What does replacement of a course means?
    Replacement means the courses which are replaced will not be counted in CGPA, however will be shown in the transcript
  • 12. How do we request to replace a course after publication of results?
    Fill the form available on our website and submit it to admin-mtech
  • 13. How do we request to replace a course at the time of graduation, after completion of all my credits?
    There is a provision in graduation requirement form, you need to mention the courses which you have replaced earlier along with a fresh course/s, if any
  • 14. Is it mandatory to replace a course if we have done additional courses?
    (No, it is upto the student; if we do not get any request from the students, all the courses done will be counted towards CGPA
  • 15. Can we replace core course in a specialization?
    Allowed, only with a core course
  • 16. Can we replace specialization elective?
    Allowed, only with a specialization elective
  • 17. Are we allowed to replace a regular in-class course with IP/IS?
  • 18. Are we allowed to do online courses? If yes, then how?
    [Yes, but only as Independent study (IS)]
  • 19. Where can we find the description of courses?
    IIITD Website https://www.iiitd.ac.in/academics/courses & http://techtree.iiitd.edu.in
  • 20. Are we allowed registering SSH or courses of other departments?
  • 21. When can we take IP/IS?
    Any term as far as the guide/advisor allows
  • 22. When and how taking overload is allowed in each semester?
    Overload is allowed after 1st semester if CGPA>=8
  • 23. Do we need to take approval for overload if our CGPA>= 8?
    No, sometimes ERP does not allow due to semester limit; in that case just email admin-mtech to increase the credit limit of your batch for that semester
  • 24. Is it necessary to complete the bucket courses in first year only?
    It is advisable to complete specialization and bucket courses requirement as early as possible,
  • 25. Does IP/IS have to be from the same domain as the specialization?
    Not necessary
  • 26. Can the projects (IP/IS) be done in groups?
    It depends upon the guide/advisor
  • 27. Can we sit through a course and not register it on ERP?
    Yes, you can with the permission of Instructor
  • 28. How can we register a course as Audit?
    Course registration is done through ERP and there is provision of registering a course as Audit or Credit on ERP
  • 29. Are we allowed to convert a course registration from audit to credit or vice versa?
  • 30. What is late drop?
    Late drop is related to dropping a course in between a semester i.e. generally, after Mid-Sem, however a late dropped course will show in your transcript with a grade "W". This is just to facilitate a student where the student is not able to cope up with a course. A student can request for late drop within the late drop period only as per the dates announced in the academic calendar
  • 31. What is Project Registration?
    This is an additional registration process for registration of IP/IS/Thesis/CapP/SP; these are project based learning courses where you have to register with a faculty advisor. This is done under the project module tab on ERP. After you register the credits in registration tab, proceed for project registration. This is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the project is approved by the faculty
  • 32. If we are working on a Thesis/CapP/SP which is continued from last semester; do we still have to do the project registration?
    Yes, after registering the credits in multiples of 4, go to project module and extend the same topic from previous/last semester
  • 33. How does the summer registration happen?
    It is the same process like a regular semester where pre-registration, registration, project registration is done in ERP. The time table and academic calendar are also announced similar to a regular semester
  • 34. If a course has pre-requisites which as M.Tech. students we have not completed here at IIITD, however we have required background from our previous institute; how to proceed for registration?
    Contact your instructor and seek his/her approval to register for this
  • 35. We are not able to register few courses which are visible in ERP?
    Some courses are flagged as "Popular courses", which a student can’t register from his/her login. Necessary information regarding additions if allowed in the course will be sent to the students for such courses and in that case, the student need to email admin-mtech showing the interest for registration
  • 36. There is a lack of IP/Cap under most of the professors and hence we are unable to complete the internship requirement of 32 credits until summer term. Whom to approach?
    Approach the respective HOD
  • 37. Are there any credits for doing internship?
  • 38. Can we register for a course or project while on an internship?
    No, before going for internship, one has to complete graduation requirements