M.Tech. Thesis Repository

List of M.Tech. Thesis

Class ofM.Tech inRoll No.Name of the studentSupervisor NameCo-Supervisor Name(if any)Thesis Title
 CSEMT11007Prachi JainPonnurangam KumaraguruNA 
 CSEMT11012Srishti GuptaPonnurangam KumaraguruNA 
Class of 2014CSE2009064Apurv MehraAmarjeet SinghNAInteroperability Model For Health Information System And Associated Benefits
Class of 2014CSE2009068Sudip MittalPonnurangam KumaraguruNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12009Neha GuptaPonnurangam KumaraguruNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12012Nisha AgarwalAshish SurekaNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12013Nishant SharmaDonghoon ChangSomitra Kr. Sanadhya 
Class of 2014CSEMT12018Sandipan BiswasDonghoon ChangSomitra Kr. Sanadhya 
Class of 2014CSEMT12020Siddharth DawarVikarm GoyalNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12030Aayushee GuptaHaimonti DuttaNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12031Abhishek BholaPonnurangam KumaraguruNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12035Anuj RajaniAgnshul MajumdarNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12041Krishan Kumar AryaVikarm GoyalNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12043Megha MittalAshish SurekaNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12044Pankaj SahuVikram GoyalNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12047Ritika JainAshish SurekaNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12048Sakshi TiwariVikarm GoyalNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12049Shilpa GargPushpendra SinghNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12050Shilpi JainVikarm GoyalNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12061Alvika GautamVinayak NaikNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12062AmitVinayak NaikNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12064DeepikaAmarjeet SinghNAThe Power Down: Effectiveness of different approaches among Dormitory Residents to reduce Energy consumption.
Class of 2014CSEMT12067Milan JainAmarjeet SinghNAPACMAN: Predicting AC Consumption Minimizing Aggregate eNergy Cost
Class of 2014ECEMT12068Mridula SinghSanjit K. KaulNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12098Neeraj KumarMohammad HashmiNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12075Shailja ThakurAmarjeet SinghNAWattShare: Detailed Energy Apportionment in Shared Living Spaces within Commercial Buildings
Class of 2014ECEMT12092Ankita ShuklaAngshul MajumdarNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12094Gade Narayana Sri HarshaSujay DebShobha Sundar Ram 
Class of 2014ECEMT12096Mir Mohsina RahmanMohammad HashmiNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12097Namrata DwivediVivek Ashok BoharaNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12099Pranay SamantaSujay DebNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12100Rahul Kumar ShahAlexander FellNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12101Rohan SinhaMohammad HashmiNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12102Rohit JainShobha Sundar RamNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12105Sidhartha Sankar RoutSujay DebDeepak Baranwal, Digvijay Pratap Singh 
Class of 2014ECEMT12106Srikrishan AcharyaP.B. SujitNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12107Supratim DasAmarjeet SinghNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12108Swatilekha MajumdarAlexander FellNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12109Vijender Kumar SharmaSujay DebNA 
Class of 2014ECEMT12110Vinod Kumar SinghR N BiswasNA 
Class of 2014CSEPhD1104Praful AgarwalMayank VatsaRicha Singh 
Class of 2014ECEPhD1221Aijaz Mehdi ZaidiMohammad HashmiNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12014Parikshit MainiP.B. SujitNA 
Class of 2014CSEMT12039Kanchan AroraSrikanta BedathurNASemantic Similarity through Hierarchical Abstraction of Knowledge
Class of 2014CSEMT12074Samit AnwerRahul PurandareNAR3: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Class of 2014CSEMT12034Aniya AggarwalRahul PurandareNASOS: Save our Object Space
Class of 2014CSEMT12004Aritra DharRahul PurandareNAClotho: Saving Programs from Malformed Strings and Incorrect String-handling
Class of 2014CSEMT12040Kongara AmaniSrikanta BedathurNATeKnowBase: A Tool for Technical Topic Summarization
Class of 2014CSEMT12033Ambreen BashirRahul PurandareNADeterministic Memory-Effcient Runtime Monitoring for Resource-Constrained Systems
Class of 2015CSEMT13042Manisha KhattarAshish SurekaNASARATHI: Characterization Study on Regression
Bugs and Identification of Regression Bug Inducing
Changes: A Case-Study on Google Chromium

Class of 2015CSE2010097Yash LambaAshish SurekaNAMining Android Applications for Discovering API

Call Usage Patterns and Trends
Class of 2015CSEMT13045Nisha GuptaAshish SurekaNAPariket: Mining Business Process Logs for Root Cause Analysis of Anomalous Incidents
Class of 2015CSEMT13034Ashta SachdevAshish SurekaNAKhanan: Performance Comparison and Programming Alpha Algorithm in Column-Oriented and Relational Database Query Languages
Class of 2015CSEMT12002Abhishek KumarVinayak NaikNAStandUp: An Automated Guide for Improving Physical Activity of People using Their Handlheld and Desktop Devices
Class of 2015CSEMT13099Prerna JunejaAshish SurekaNAAnvaya: A Clustering-Based Approach for Improving the Goodness of Software Process Models Derived from Event-Logs
Class of 2015CSEMT13036Jeevan JoishiAshish SurekaNAVishleshan: Performance Comparison and Programming Process Mining Algorithms in Graph-Oriented and Relational Database Query Languages
Class of 2015CSEMT13040Kunal GuptaAshish SurekaNAProcess Discovery Algorithm Implementation and Performance Comparison Experiments in SQL on Hadoop and Relational Database Query Languages
Class of 2015CSEMT13039Kritika AnandAshish SurekaNAUtility-Based Control Flow Discovery from Business Process Event Logs
Class of 2015CSEMT13095Divya KundraAshish SurekaNAParallel Implementation of Alpha-Miner Algorithm and Performance Analysis on CPU and GPU Architecture
Class of 2015CSEMT13050Vivek GuptaVikram GoyalNAScalable Algorithms for Spatial-Textual Data Join
Class of 2015CSEMT12032Akanksha GuptaAnupama MallikNAOntology Based Personalized Recommendation System
Class of 2015CSEMT13098Khalique NewazDebajyoti BeraSriram KNetwork analysis of prion disease
Class of 2015CSEMT13103Ritika AtalAshish SurekaNAAnukarna: A Software Engineering Simulation Game for Teaching Practical Decision Making in Peer Code Review
Class of 2015ECEMT13156Jitendra Kumar YadavMohammad Hashmi Vikas RanaSense Amplifier for Flash Memories: Architectural Exploration and Optimal Solution
Class of 2015ECEMT13133Priya SinghalVivek Ashok BoharaNAAnalysis of Carrier Aggregated OFDM Signals in multi-band power amplifier
Class of 2015ECEMT13132Priya AggarwalAnubha GuptaVivek Ashok BoharaGuard Interval Assisted OFDM Symbol-Based Channel Estimation for Rapid Time-Varying Scenarios in IEEE 802.11p
Class of 2015CSEMT13018Vaishali GargSambuddho ChakravartyNANovel Instruction Set Architecture Based Side Channels in popular SSL/TLS Implementations
Class of 2015ECEMT13154Gundu Anil KumarMohammad HashmiAnuj GroverIdentification of Weak Bits in SRAMs
Class of 2015ECEMT13130Nidhi ChandokeSujay DebAshish Kumar SharmaPower Estimation using Transaction Level Modeling
Class of 2015ECEMT13134Raghav MadanSujay DebNishant KumarDevelopment and Enhancement of Verification Environment for Complex Designs
Class of 2015ECEMT13135Rahul MalhotraSujay DebFabio CarlucciA novel approach to Reusable Time-economized STIL based pattern development
Class of 2015CSE2009020Digvijay SinghPushpendra SinghNAEnabling Ubiquitous Applications using Existing Infrastructure
Class of 2015CSE2010028Devika SondhiPushpendra SinghNAOptimizing Smartphone Energy Consumption in Sensor Data Collection and Data Transmission
Class of 2015CSEMT13069Nitinder MohanPushpendra SinghNAEnabling Sender-initiated Distributed Applications and Checkpointing in Content Centric Networks
Class of 2015ECEMT13152Bhawana Singh NirwanMohammad HashmiVikas RanaCurrent DAC Based Voltage Regulator For Non-Volatile Memories
Class of 2015CSEMT13108Sonam RathoreVikram GoyalNAMining Top-K High Utility Episodes in Complex Event Sequences
Class of 2015CSEMT13104Ruchita BansalVikram GoyalNAA Hybrid Algorithm for mining High-utility itemsets from transaction databases with Discount Notion
Class of 2015ECEMT13124Arvind SrinivasanMohammad HashmiDhori Kedar JanardanPredictive Analysis of Safety Subsystems in Memories for Diagnostic Coverage
Class of 2015ECEMT13123Aditya VashishthaMohammad HashmiAbhishek JainRazor Flop based On-Chip Delay Measurement Technique
Class of 2015ECEMT13122Aditi SharmaSujay DebRangarajan RamanujamSmart and Efficient Multi-scenario SoC Timing Closure and ECO Generator
Class of 2015ECEMT13131Pallavi DasSujay DebHardik ParekhExploration of Real Value Modelling for Complex Mixed Signal Verification
Class of 2015ECEMT13160Pragya SharmaShobha Sundar RamAngshul MajumdarSolving Helmholtz Equation with Compressed Sensing Enhanced Finite Element Methods
Class of 2015ECEMT13157Namrata SinghShobha Sundar RamNATwo Slot Array with Near Zero Refractive Index Substrate
Class of 2015CSEMT13100Priyanka VermaRicha SinghMayank VatsaFace and Gender Classification in Crowd Video
Class of 2015CSEMT13016Surabhi GargDonghoon ChangNAFinHash: A New Fuzzy Hashing scheme for Fingerprints and its Applications in User Authentication and Secure Communication
Class of 2015CSEMT13007Neha GuptaDonghoon ChangNASide channel collision attack on TWINE-80 and DES with reduced masked rounds
Class of 2015CSEMT12007Muhammed Noufal KDonghoon ChangNATwo new efficient proof of integrity for mixnet based end to end verifiable voting systems
Class of 2015CSEMT13106Mahek ShahMayank VatsaRicha SinghFace Detection and Verification in Unconstrained Videos: Challenges, Detection and Benchmark Evaluation
Class of 2015ECEMT13161Sanjeev BaghoriyaVivek BoharaNAHELPER: A Home assisted and cost Effective Living system for People with disabilities and homebound Elderly
Class of 2015CSEMT13009Ms. Nidhi AgarwalOjaswa SharmaNA3D Reconstruction from Sparse Unorganized Cross Sections
Class of 2015CSEMT13015Shobhita SaxenaA V SubramanyamNAVideo Inpainting detection using inconsistencies in optical flow
Class of 2015ECEMT13151Abhishek JainMohammad Hashmi Nitin BansalPower Network Analysis using Frequency Domain Approach
Class of 2015ECEMT13158Neha JainVivek BoharaNAInterference Cancellation and Energy Harvesting Techniques for Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Cognitive Radio Systems
Class of 2015ECEMT13162Vandana MittalSanjit K. KaulNAMobile Hotspot Selection and Offloading
Class of 2015CSEMT13032Akif KhanRajiv RamanNAImplementation and Evaluation of I/O efficient Range trees
Class of 2015CSEMT13101Rahul SinghSambuddho ChakravartyNATASVEER : Tomography of India’s Internet Infrastructure
Class of 2015CSE2010078Shayan LahiriP.B. SujitNACommunication Network Discovery and Leader Selection Strategies for Multi-Robot Deployments
Class of 2015ECEPhD1321Rahul SinghalP.B. SujitNA3D Path Planning of UAV using Model Predictive Control
Class of 2015CSEMT13038Kompelly Harshavardhan ReddyVikram GoyalPushpendra SinghPerformance Analysis Of Graph Processing Frameworks
Class of 2015CSEMT13079Shruti BansalPushpendra SinghNABlending Active Learning in a Modified SPOC Based Classroom
Class of 2015ECEMT13129Neha ChitkaraAlexander FellMahesh Narain ShuklaA Novel P-Skip Determination Algorithm without the Reference Frame
Class of 2015CSEMT13092Anurag RanaPushpendra SinghNAComputer Assisted Telephony System
Class of 2015CSEMT13070Parul GuptaPushpendra SinghNAComputer Assisted Telephony System
Class of 2015CSEMT13065Kumar AbhinavPushpendra SinghNATrustworthiness in
Class of 2015CSEMT13048Priyanka SinghalPushpendra SinghNAAn Exploratory study on Authorship Verification and Learning Assessment in Online Education Systems
Class of 2015CSEMT13061Akanksha MishraAshish SurekaNAA Graph Processing Based Approach for Automatic Detection of Semantic Inconsistency between BPMN Process Model and SBVR Rules
Class of 2015ECEMT13125Gaurav NarangAlexander FellPrakhar Raj GuptaFloorplan Aware Framework for Optimal SRAM Selection for Memory Subsystems
Class of 2015ECEMT13121Abhinav JainAlexander FellManish Agarwal, Amit GoelA Methodological Framework for Automation of Hardware Software Co-Validation of an IP
Class of 2015CSEMT13011Pooja GuptaApala GuhaNALLVM Backend Development for ReISC Architecture
Class of 2015CSEMT13076Rohit MehraVinayak NaikNAKIRKE: Re-engineering of Web Applications to Mobile Apps
Class of 2015ECEMT13136Ramandeep KaurAlexander FellHarsh RawatXMAT: A 6T XOR-MAT based 2R-1W SRAM for High Bandwidth Network Applications
Class of 2015CSEMT13006Naina GuptaDonghoon ChangNAA fail-fast mechanism for authenticated encryption schemes
Class of 2016CSEMT13043Navin AgrawalMayank Vatsa, Richa SinghNAGender Classification using RGB-D Videos
Class of 2016CSEMT14032Yogesh KumariRahul PurandareAditya KanadeTest Reduction based Automated Grading and Feedback using PathClasses
Class of 2016ECEMT14085
Janki MehtaAngshul MajumdarNARobust Autoencoders
Class of 2016CSEMT14023
Shisagnee BanerjeeAngshul MajumdarNAAddressing Coldstart Problem in Recommender Systems
Class of 2016CSEMT14026Sonal GoelPonnurangam KumaraguruNAImage Search for Improved Law and Order: Search, Analyze, Predict image spread on Twitter
Class of 2016CSEMT14042Pradyumn NandPonnurangam KumaraguruNAAnalysing Employee Disclosure on Online Social Networks
Class of 2016CSEMT14050Megha VijVinayak NaikViswanath GunturiUsing Smartphone-based Accelerometer to Detect Travel by Metro Train
Class of 2016CSEMT14044Shubham SrivastavaDebajyoti BeraNAUtility And Privacy Guarantees of Differential Privacy
Class of 2016ECEMT14094Vibhutesh Kumar SinghVivek Ashok BoharaNAMeasurement Results for Cooperative Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks
Class of 2016ECEMT14067Raghav KishoreSujay DebNAEvaluation Framework for Technology Agnostic Hybrid NoC Architecture
Class of 2016CSE2011104Shivangi YadavMayank Vatsa, Richa SinghNALow Rank Sparse Representation based Adaptive Face Recognition
Class of 2016ECEMT14060K K Praveen KumarAlexander FellSachin MathurAutomated, Inter-Macro Channel Space Adjustment and Optimization for Faster Design Closure
Class of 2016ECEMT14077Ankita RajPravesh BiyaniNAResource Allocation Problems in G.fast and Enterprise WiFi networks
Class of 2016CSEMT14048Anshika AgarwalSambuddho ChakravartyNACairn: Identifying Network Locations for Large Scale Censorship by Resource-Constrained Adversaries
Class of 2016ECEMT14088Protim BhattacharjeeAngshul MajumdarNAAnalysis Deep Dictionary Learning
Class of 2016ECEMT14087Prerna KhuranaAngshul MajumdarNAClasswise Deep Dictionary Learning
Class of 2016ECEMT14091Snigdha TariyalAngshul MajumdarNADeep Dictionary Learning
Class of 2016ECEMT14066Pulkit SharmaMohammad Hashmi NAYield Estimation of SRAM and Design of a Dual Functionality Read-Write Driver for SRAM
Class of 2016ECEMT14058Disha AroraMohammad Hashmi NADesign and Analysis of Sense Amplifier Topologies for Volatile and Non-Volatile Memories
Class of 2016ECEMT14073ShashwatMohammad Hashmi NAWide bandgap HEMT Device (GaN) Characterization and Modeling for High Power Amplifier Design
Class of 2016ECEMT14062Nidhi BatraMohammad HashmiAnuj GroverExploration of Test Methodologies to Detect Weak bits in SRAMs
Class of 2016ECEMT14084Mansi PeerVivek BoharaNACognitive Spectrum Sharing Protocols for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Nodes
Class of 2016CSEMT14053Ruchika BanerjeeVinayak NaikKuntal DeyVideo Compression Technique Using Facial Landmarks on Mobile Devices
Class of 2016CSEMT14002Anurag ChowdhuryMayank Vatsa, Richa SinghNARGB-D Face Recognition in Surveillance Videos
Class of 2016ECEPhD1225Md. Ayatullah MaktoomiMohammad HashmiNAHigh Bandwidth Planar Power Divider
Class of 2016ECEMT14090Shreyata SharmaAnand SrivastavaSumit J DarakTransfer Reinforcement Learning Framework for Energy Saving in Next Generation Wireless Networks
Class of 2016ECEMT14057Antara GangulySujay DebNAA Scalable Solution for Cache Coherence in Many-core Systems using Share-Pattern Aware Cache Segmentation and Hybrid Network-on-Chip
Class of 2016ECEMT14063Pawan SehgalSujay DebAkhilesh Chandra Mishra, Rangarajan RamanujamAn Efficient and Effective Tool to Debug Clock Propagation Issues for Faster Design Closure
Class of 2016ECEMT14070Sakshi JainAlexander FellAjit Singh MotraA Framework for Video Coding Analyzer
Class of 2016ECEMT14080Himani JoshiSumit J DarakNABlind Reconstruction and Automatic Modulation Classifier for Non-Uniform Sampling Based Wideband Communication Receivers
Class of 2016ECEMT14089Saloni MittalVivek Ashok BoharaNACooperative Spectrum Sharing with Two-way Relaying
Class of 2016ECEMT14064Preet Kaur WaliaMohammad HashmiNAMitigation of Cold Boot Attack Using an Encrypted Memory Controller
Class of 2016CSE2011119Yesha MittalVinayak NaikViswanath GunturiFinding optimal locations for taxi stands on city map
Class of 2016ECEMT14078Arpita GangPravesh BiyaniNADiscriminative Framework for Single Channel Audio Source Separation
Class of 2016ECEMT14081Jasmine Kaur GulatiSumit J DarakBhanu PrakashAn Efficient Timing and Clock Tree Aware Placement Flow with Multibit Flip-Flops for Power Reduction
Class of 2016ECEMT14086Nidhi GuptaSumit J DarakAmit GoelAutomation Framework with Enhanced Feature Support for Post Silicon Validation
Class of 2016ECEMT14068Renduchinthala AnushaSujay DebAkhilesh Chandra Mishra, Rangarajan RamanujamAn effective and efficient methodology for SoC power management using UPF
Class of 2016CSEMT13047PrasoonChetan AroraNAExtending a Scaling Based Flow Algorithm for Inference in Higher Order MRF-MAP Problems
Class of 2016CSE2011094Sahil MahajanRajiv RamanNAGuillotine Cuts
Class of 2016ECEMT14093Sushant KumarVivek BoharaSumit DarakBlind Parameters Estimation by Exploiting Cyclostationary Features in Wavelet Domain
Class of 2016CSEMT14040Munawar HasanSomitraNACryptanalysis of SHA2 based on Perturbation technique
Class of 2016CSEMT14014Manisha DubeyVikram GoyalNAClassifying Stack Overflow Questions Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
Class of 2016CSEMT14024Shreya TripathiSaket AnandNAPlanar Modeling of Indoor Scenes using RGBD Images
Class of 2016CSEMT14008Gullal Singh CheemaSaket AnandNASemi-supervised Anisotropic Mean Shift Clustering using Distance Metric Learning
Class of 2016CSEMT14010Joy AnejaPushpendra SinghNAAnalysing Space Utilization using Indoor Localization
Class of 2016ECEMT14072Sangeeta GoyalShobha Sundar RamVivek BoharaUSRP Based Through-Wall Radar
Class of 2016ECEMT14075Vijay SharmaMohammad HashmiNADesign of High Gain and Low Noise Figure On-Chip LNA for Ku-Band Application
Class of 2016CSEMT14028Veronica SharmaVikram GoyalNAMining Top-K High Utility Itemsets in Streaming Data: A Comparative Study
Class of 2016ECEMT14082Kavya GuptaAngshul MajumdarNARegularized Autoencoders
Class of 2016ECEMT14059K BharathAlexander FellHarsh RawatAsynchronous 1R-1W Dual-Port SRAM by using Single-Port SRAM in 28nm UTBB-FDSOI Technology
Class of 2016CSEMT14055Sangeeth KochantharaRahul PurandareDavid PereiraREVERT: Runtime Verification for Real-Time Systems
Class of 2017ECEPhD1322Naushad AnsariAnubha GuptaAnanya Sen GupraCompressed Sensing based underwater acoustic channel estimation using two dimensional frequency characterization
Class of 2017ECEMT14095Rahul GuptaMohammad HashmiNASimplified and Systematic Design Procedure for High Frequency Wideband and Multiband Baluns
Class of 2017ECEMT15118Vivek TyagiMohammad HashmiVikas RanaProcess, Voltage, and Temperature Compensated Oscillator for Phase Chnage Memories
Class of 2017CSEMT14047Abhishek MitraMayank Vatsa, Richa SinghNAOn Smartphone Fingerphoto Quality Assessment and Matching
Class of 2017CSEMT15005Ankita MehtaVenkata M Viswanath GunturiNALocal Re-adjustment based approaches for Load BalancedNetwork Voronoi Diagram
Class of 2017CBMT15127Dicksha ChohanGanesh BaglerNAControl of complex networks
Class of 2017ECEMT15108Sakshi GargMohammad HashmiNASingle event effect Hardened Cost Effective CMOS circuits.
Class of 2017CSEMT15055Sagar KhatriVikram GoyalNAA comparative study of correlation measures for the application of anomaly detection in Data Streams
Class of 2017ECEMT15113Shrestha BansalMohammad HashmiNitin Bansal Digital LDO with Analog-Assisted Dynamic Reference Correction
Class of 2017ECEMT15112Shivam Kalla Mohammad HashmiVigyan JainHigh Resolution Discrete-Time and Continuous -Time Sigma-Delta ADC for Audio Applications
Class of 2017CSEMT15061Srishti ChandokPonnurangam KumaraguruNAUser Identities across Social Networks: Quantifying Linkability and Nudging Users to control Linkability
Class of 2017CSEMT15012Avni MalhanVenkata M Viswanath GunturiVinayak NaikST-OPTICS: A spatial-temporal clustering algorithm with time recommendations for taxi services
Class of 2017ECEMT15089Ankush SinghMohammad HashmiPravesh Kumar SainiHigh Efficiency Fully Integrated PLL based Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
Class of 2017ECEMT15114Surbhi MaheshwariAnand SrivastavaNAComparative study of various modulation schemes used in indoor VLC
Class of 2017CSEMT15016Guntakindapalli VenkateshDebajyoti BeraNADesign and Analysis of LSH Based Techniques for Inner Product
Class of 2017ECEMT15107Rimjhim KhandelwalMohammad HashmiPradeep Anantula Design of a fully on-chip Linear Regulator
Class of 2017ECEMT15088Ankita AgarwalVivek BoharaNAAnalyzing the spectral content of an OFDM signal in presence of in Nonlinear High Power Amplifier with Memory
Class of 2017ECEMT15109Sasha GargSumit J DarakPrateek SikkaCandidate Waveforms for Wireless Communications: Analysis via Hardware Software Co-Design on Zynq SoC
Class of 2017CSEMT15047Priyanka GuptaTavpritesh SethiVikram GoyalAssessment and Improvement of predictive value of complexity based features for sepsis prediction
Class of 2017ECEMT15085Akshay BhardwajMohammad HashmiNAHigh Tolerance Voltage Regulator for SATA drives
Class of 2017ECEMT15102PankhuriMohammad HashmiNAActive Noise Suppression Techniques using Decoupling Capacitors in a Power Distribution Network
Class of 2017ECEMT15084Aditay TripathiSaket AnandAanchan MohanAdversarial Learning of Gender Invariant Features For Automatic Speech Recognition
Class of 2017CSEMT15030Madhur RawatSambuddho ChakravartyNACitadels in Cyberspace
Class of 2017CSEMT15023Kanchanjot Kaur PhokelaVinayak NaikNAUse of Smartphone's Microphone Sensor to Estimate Rate of Respiration
Class of 2017CBMT15124
Prateek Singh
Debasis DashNA“FragSTR: An open source STR marker analysis tool”
Class of 2017CBMT15129Mehak SablokSubhadip RaychaudhuriNAKinetic Monte Carlo Based Study of Bcl-2 Family Members-Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Class of 2017CSEMT15045Prerna AgarwalChetan AroraM BalakrishnanModelling and Implementation of Real time Texture Detection module for Mobility Assistant for Visually Impaired System
Class of 2017CSEMT15054Richa VermaChetan AroraM BalakrishnanReal Time Animal Detection for Mobility Assistance for Visually Impaired
Class of 2017CSEMT15035Mohammad KashifChetan AroraNAQuestion Answering System based on Sentence Similarity
Class of 2017CBMT15131Richa RashmiS Ramachandran (CSIR-IGIB)NA“Integrated Gene expression analysis of healthy controls across all data sets available of the genes implicated in Type 2 diabetes mellitus complications”
Class of 2017CSEMT15051Rajdeep MukherjeeSambuddho ChakravartyNAAnonSocialMix: Anonymous P2P File Sharing Over

Social Networks
Class of 2017ECEMT15Deepayan BanerjeeMohammad HashmiNADesign of GaN HEMT Broadband Power Amplifiers
Class of 2017ECEMT15095Divya SitaniA V SubramanyamNAVisual Tracking using Analysis Dictionary Learning
Class of 2017ECEMT15111Shipra BatraMohammad HashmiNAWide bandgap-HEMT Device Modelling for High Power Amplifier Design
Class of 2017ECEMT15090AnuradhaMohammad HashmiNADesign of Tri-Band Coupler and Wideband Phase Shifter
Class of 2017ECEMT15115Vikas KumarMohammad HashmiNAWeak bits Identification Strategy in SRAMs
Class of 2017ECEMT14092Suman PaniSumit J DarakNALearning Aided Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Decentralized Networks with Unknown Number of Secondary Users
Class of 2017CSEMT15056Sagar VermaChetan AroraNAAction Recognition in Egocentric Videos
Class of 2017CSEMT15021Indira SenPonnurangam KumaraguruNADetecting Inorganic Engagement on Instagram
Class of 2017CBMT15121Dilraj KaurTavpritesh SethiS. RamachandranA Systems Approach to Understand the ICU Co-morbidome
Class of 2017CSEMT15001Aanchal MongiaVinayak NaikViswanath GunturiDetecting Activities at Metro Stations Using Smartphone Sensors
Class of 2017CBMT15132Sphoorti SoodGanesh BaglerShivshankar Hiriyur NagarajIntegration of Multi-Omics datasets in cancer
Class of 2017ECEMT16130Kamal Kumar ChapagaiPydi Ganga Mamba BahubalindruniNAA Sallenkey Low-pass switch capacitor filter using IGZO TFTs
Class of 2017ECEMT15097Gyan DeepSumit J DarakNARealization of Multi-standard Wireless Transceiver on Zynq SoC via Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
Class of 2017ECEMT15117Vishav VikashSneh SaurabhNAAssessing the impact of temperature and voltage variations in Near Threshold circuits using analytical model
Class of 2017ECEMT15081Aanchal KhandelwalAnand SrivastavaNAAnalysis of mobile backhaul for 5G using optical distribution network of PON
Class of 2017CBMT15128Keshav BhojakS Ramachandran (CSIR-IGIB)NAGene expression analysis of the nutrients for type 2 diabetes
Class of 2017CBMT15123Parul SharmaVinod ScariaNAPopulation Genomics of Middle Eastern countries : A case study on Qatar population
Class of 2017CBMT15125Shrey GuptaVinod ScariaNAA study of Biomedical Information Extraction systems: Designing a tool to extract symptoms from clinical text
Class of 2018CSE2013104Simran SaxenaPonnurangam Kumaraguru Alpana Dubey Confidentiality Protection in Crowdsourcing
Class of 2018ECEMT16085Ankit RehaniSujay Deb and Pydi Ganga BahubalindruniNAA High-Ecient Current-Mode PWM DC-DC Buck Converter Using Dynamic Frequency Scaling
Class of 2018CBMT16121Ankit SharmaDebajyoti BeraGanesh BaglerProtein Classification on the basis of Thermal Stability using Supervised Learning
Class of 2018ECEMT16098Mranal KulshreshthaPydi Ganga Mamba BahubalindruniNAHigh Voltage Tolerant ESD Protection Circuit for Plug and Play Devices
Class of 2018CBMT16122Arvind KrishnamurthyLipi ThukralAngshul MajumdarRevealing dynamic architecture of lipidated proteins
Class of 2018ECEMT16117Tejaswini KPydi Ganga Mamba BahublindruniNAContinuous Time Linear Equalization based Gigabit Receiver for Parallel Interface
Class of 2018ECEMT16086Ankush MamgainAnuj GroverNAActive Control of Retention Voltage of SRAM
Class of 2018ECEMT16115Suprateek ShuklaSujay DebNALow Swing NAND I/O Transmitter
Class of 2018CSEMT16021Gurpriya Kaur BhatiaPonnurangam KumaraguruAlpana Dubey Reputation Management on Crowdsourcing Platform
Class of 2018CBMT16124Biswadeep KhanDebajyoti BeraGanesh BaglerApplication of pattern mining on data of flavor molecules, their percepts and molecular features
Class of 2018ECEMT16103Priyanka MittalPydi Ganga Mamba BahubalindruniNAA successive approximation register based digital delay locked loop for CDR circuits
Class of 2018CBMT16125Divyanshu SrivastavaVibhor KumarNAGraph Signal Processing based analysis of biological networks
Class of 2018ECEMT16100Neha DalalMohammad HashmiVikas RanaSub-1V CMOS Bandgap Reference for Ultra-Low Power Applications
Class of 2018CBMT16123Ayushi GuptaDebarka SenguptaNATracking Aging-Related Changes in Blood at Single Cell Resolution
Class of 2018CSEMT16059Divya SharmaArun Balaji BuduruNAContext-Aware RNN Based Voice Authentication System
Class of 2018ECEMT16110Saptak BanerjeeSneh SaurabhNARealizing AND functionality using single Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
Class of 2018CSEMT16002Abhiprayah TiwariVivek KumarGaurav MitraHigh Performance and Energy Optimal Parallel Programming on CPU and DSP based MPSoC
Class of 2018CSEMT16053ShanuDebajyoti BeraNAQuantum Algorithms for Distinguishing Unitary Operators
Class of 2018CBMT16129Vaibhav TripathiRahul GargGanesh BaglerAn fMRI investigation of the effects of Yoga Nidra meditation on the brain using inter-subject correlations.
Class of 2018ECEMT16084Akhil JamesSneh SaurabhNADesign and Simulation of a Dopingless 1T DRAM
Class of 2018ECEMT16119Vaibhav AgarwalSneh SaurabhNARealizing Boolean functions using Probabilistic Spin Logic (PSL)
Class of 2018CSEMT16036Nagasuri Venkata ApurupaPushpendra SinghNAA critical study of power consumption patterns in Indian Apartments
Class of 2018ECEMT16091Farah JabinShobha Sundar RamAnirban RoyStudy of Data-Association Algorithms for Object Tracking by Automotive Radar
Class of 2018CSEMT15011Ashutosh GuptaPushpendra SinghNAEvaluating Interaction of a lecture using sound data
Class of 2018CBMT16126Gauri MittalVinod Scaria NAComputational annotation of mutation-specificity of therapies from genome scale data-sets
Class of 2018ECEMT16089CharulPravesh BiyaniNASpatio Temporal Real time Traffic Estimation and Prediction
Class of 2018ECEMT16095John LewisP.B. SujitNAPredator based swarm control
Class of 2018ECEMT16092Garima BudhaniShobha Sundar RamKarthikeyan Rajarathinam, Smita NairLogistic Regression on Automotive Radar Data for Tunnel Detection
Class of 2019CSE2013071Ojaswi GuptaOjaswa SharmaKaushik KalyanaramanSurface Reconstruction from Linear Cross-Sections
Class of 2019CBMT17147Shivam SharmaDebarka SenguptaNAPersonalised antibiotic prescription in urinary tract infection
Class of 2019CSEMT17044Rachesh SharmaAngshul MajumdarVibhor KumarRandom Forest of Imputation Trees for sparse single cell genomics data
Class of 2019CSEMT17068Vani AgarwalArun Balaji BuduruPonnurangam KumaraguruMultimodal Content Moderation Across Multiple Platforms with Capsule Networks and Co-Training
Class of 2019ECEMT17091Gaurav DuggalShobha Sundar RamNADoppler-Resilient 802.11ad-Based Ultra-Short Range Automotive Radar
Class of 2019ECEMT17120Hitarth ShahAnuj GroverDhori JanardhanDesign For Test: Identifying The Weak Retention Bits
Class of 2019ECEMT17107Vinay PatilAnuj GroverAnuj PrasharDesign of Sense Amplifier for Wide Voltage Range Operation of Split Supply Memories
Class of 2019CSEMT17064Vaibhav GargPonnurangam KumaraguruNADetecting Fake Profiles on Online Matrimony
Class of 2019CBMT17146Sana AkhtarG P S RaghavaNAComputational resources for predicting rare diseases associated mutations in lysosomal enzymes
Class of 2019ECEMT17105O.V.S Shashank RamSneh SaurabhNAModeling Multiple Input Switching in Timing Analysis using Machine Learning
Class of 2019ECEMT17124Subhadip PoriaSneh SaurabhNASuppression of Ambipolar current in Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor using Field-Plate
Class of 2019ECEMT17104Nimish AgarwalSneh SaurabhNAImproving the Retention Time of a Dopingless 1T DRAM using Gate Engineering
Class of 2019CBMT17149Tanya SinghAshish Kumar PandeyNAPredicting health phenotype of neonates in electronic NICU environment to identify early markers of disease physiology
Class of 2019CBMT17148SunidhiAshish Kumar PandeyNAFramework for stratifying medical errors in NICUs and finding their association with clinical outcomes
Class of 2019ECEMT17128Yoshana DeepShobha Sundar RamNAPolarimetric radar cross-sections of pedestrians at automotive radar frequencies
Class of 2019CBMT17141Abhishek AgarwalVibhor KumarNAFinding correct mouse model for human cells using single cell genomics
Class of 2019CBMT17145Rohit Kumar VermaVibhor KumarNACell free analysis in detection of diseases
Class of 2019CSEMT17028Mohit ChawlaRicha SinghMayank VatsaDisguised Face Recognition
Class of 2019CSEMT17036Prabhat KumarMayank VatsaRicha SinghREENACTMENT DETECTION IN VIDEOS
Class of 2019CBMT17144Meghal DaniRicha SinghMayank VatsaAn fMRI investigation of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Detection and Analysis
Class of 2019CBMT17142Aditi SharmaGanesh BaglerNAPrediction of sweetness using machine learning models
Class of 2019CSEMT17007Arpan MukherjeeTanmoy ChakrabortyNAAnalyzing User Discussion Dynamics in Social Media Platforms
Class of 2019ECEMT17090Fatima MumtazShobha Sundar RamSwapna PurandareDevelopment of harmonic radar for insect detection
Class of 2019CBMT17143Akshita SawhneyDebajyoti BeraNAStage classification of clear cell renal cancer based on gene expressions
Class of 2019ECEMT17092Ishan BhatiaSneh SaurabhNAInvestigation of Timing of Logic Gates realized using Probabilistic Spin Logic (PSL)
Class of 2019ECEMT17100Mudit AwasthiAnuj GroverNAA 28Gbps Serializer & Deserializer For High Speed IO Links
Class of 2019ECEMT17122Shivendra SinghAnuj GroverNAImpact And Detection Of Partial Resistive Defects and BTI on SRAM Decoder
Class of 2019ECEMT17084Avinash PanditAnuj GroverNALow Phase Noise & Fast Startup Crystal Oscillator
Class of 2019ECEMT17099Mishal KumarAnuj GroverNAA 32KB Wide Voltage Range Timing Speculative SRAM in 28nm CMOS
Class of 2019ECEMT17096Kankanala Manohar ReddySumit J DarakNAFramework for Enabling Hardware Acceleration in GNU Radio
Class of 2019ECEMT17115Sagar JainShobha Sundar RamNACircularly Polarized Fabry Perot Cavity Antennas with Peripheral Roughness in Superstrate Unit Cells
Class of 2020CSEMT18140Yogesh PandeyVikram GoyalNAReal-time Congestion Detection using Public Transport Data
Class of 2020CBMT16127Nikita GuptaGanesh BaglerAbhishek JhaAcquiring metabolic insights from embryonic stem cells scRNAseq data
Class of 2020CBMT18235Divya SharmaDebarka SenguptaNAAutomated Discovery of Abstracts Reporting Gene-Disease Relationship
Class of 2020CBMT16128Shubhra AgrawalGanesh BaglerAbhishek JhaTandem Mass Spectrometry workflow in El-MAVEN
Class of 2020CBMT18241Siddhant KalraGaurav Ahuja NACancerSmell: Molecular basis of chemosensation in cancer cells
Class of 2020CBMT18239Neha MishraArjun RayNAAssessment of drug efficacy in Indian population: A pharma-genomic study
Class of 2020ECEMT18212Sandeep KhareG S VisweswaraNACYCLIC ADC DESIGN FOR IMPROVED INL/DNL
Class of 2020ECEMT18211Prateek SinghAnuj GroverOm RanjanLocalized Voltage Drop Detection in Power Distribution Network
Class of 2020CBMT18245Dikscha SapraG P S RaghavaNAComputer-Aided discovery of biomarkers for identification of Prostate Cancer
Class of 2020CBMT18244Deepti BatraG P S RaghavaNADevelopment of insilco resources and tools for identification of patients of Thyroid Cancer
Class of 2020CBMT18232Anjali WaliaG P S RaghavaNAComputational analysis and compilation of leukemia biomarkers
Class of 2020ECEMT18178Veeraj PandeyShobha Sundar RamAnkur BalHigh-Resolution Digital Frequency Synthesizer for 77 GHz Automotive Radar Transmitters
Class of 2020CSEMT18129Nikhil GolaVikram GoyalNAA deep learning model to predict traffic speed using public transport data
Class of 2020CSEMT18016Shubham SinghalVikram GoyalC AnantramInterpretability of Blackbox ML Models through Data View Extraction and Shadow Model Creation
Class of 2020CSEMT18146Swagatam ChakrabortyDebarka SenguptaNAOptimal visualization and cell-type inference for single cell expression data
Class of 2020 CSEMT18013Sakshi MakkarTanmoy ChakrabortyNAModeling Hate Speech Diffusion on Twitter
Class of 2020CSEMT18066Alvin DeyTanmoy ChakrabortyNACorpora Evaluation and System Bias detection in Multi Document Summarization
Class of 2020CSEMT18026William Scott PakaTanmoy ChakrabortyNAAn embedding-based joint sentiment-topic model for short texts
Class of 2020CSEMT18048Tanya GautamTanmoy ChakrabortyNAExploring sequence learning as spectral maps on induced graphs
Class of 2020ECEMT18173Robinson DevasiaG S VisweswaraNADesign of Sub 1V Capacitorless Low Dropout Regulator in 65nm Technology.
Class of 2020ECEMT18222SapnaG S VisweswaraNALow Power Low Phase Noise LC VCOFor Sub GHz Range in 40nm Technology
Class of 2020ECEMT18151Aakash TyagiAnuj GroverHarsh RawatMultilevel Sense Amplifier for Phase Change Memories
Class of 2020ECEMT18159Feraj HusainAnuj GroverNAMulti-level Sense Amplifiers for NVMs
Class of 2020CSEMT18107Sudatta BhattacharyaDebajyoti BeraNAUpper and Lower bounds of various Centrality Measures on Planar and Sparse Graphs
Class of 2020CSEMT18006Harsh Kumar JainA V SubramanyamNADisentangling Reconstruction Network for Unsupervised Cross Domain Person Re-identification
Class of 2020CSEMT18023Arjun TyagiA V SubramanyamNAChannel-Graph Regularized Correlation Filter for Visual Object Tracking
Class of 2020ECEMT18160Gaurav SinghShobha Sundar RamGourab GhatakEstimating Radar Detection Coverage Probability of Targets in a Cluttered Environment Using Stochastic Geometry
Class of 2020ECEMT18171Ravi Kumar GuptaG S VisweswaraNACapacito-less Low Dropout Regulator (LDO)
Class of 2020ECEMT18187Vanshika VatsTavpritesh SethiNAContinuous monitoring of Hemodynamic Shock using Thermal Imaging
Class of 2020ECEMT17130Sana Ali NaqviAnand SrivastavaAbhijit MitraSolar Panel as receiver
Class of 2020ECE2015147Mayank K. PalSanjit K. KaulSaket AnandAdapting Vehicular Planning and Communications for Optimized Driving
Class of 2020CBMT18238Neha JhaDebarka SenguptaNADisease semantics
Class of 2020CBMT18246Princey YadavDebarka SenguptaNATracking age-related changes in mRNA homeostasis at single cell resolution
Class of 2020CBMT18248Sanket Suhas DeshpandeDebarka SenguptaNAA cross-study transfer learning strategy for improved analysis of single cell expression data
Class of 2020CSEMT18113Neha GuptaNaveen PrakashNARepresenting Dimensional Model in MongoDB
Class of 2020CSEMT18056Sutapa MondalV. Raghava MutharajuSumit BhatiaEmbeddings for EL++ Description Logic
Class of 2020CSEMT18142Pramit BhattacharyyaV. Raghava MutharajuNAA Recommendation System Involving Human-in-the-loop to Improve the Quality of Ontologies
Class of 2020CSEMT18112Maleeha Arif YasviV. Raghava MutharajuNAAn Ontology Design Pattern Recommendation System
Class of 2020ECEMT18161K AditiSanjit K. KaulNAMinimizing Age in IoT Networks With Gateway Based Aggregation
Class of 2020CSEMT18124Abhishek SrivastavaRajiv Ratn ShahYi YuMelody Generation from Lyrics using Three Branch Conditional LSTM-GAN
Class of 2020CBMT18237Jyotsana MehraTavpritesh SethiNADeciphering the Role of lncRNA in Tuberculosis Progression
Class of 2020CBMT18243Ayush GargTavpritesh SethiShruti SrinivasanDeveloping Gene Interaction Network from Public Literature and Genomic Data to Learn Gene Regulations
Class of 2020CBMT18250Vikram KumarTavpritesh SethiNAPredicting Tuberculosis Progression from RNA Seq Data using Machine learning
Class of 2020CSEMT18087Khushbu YadavRahul PurandareNASWaP: Meta-Analysis of Static Analyzer Reports for Accurate Warning Prioritization
Class of 2020CSEMT18099Kshitij SrivastavaPravesh BiyaniNAApplications of the Open Transit Data
Class of 2020CSEMT18074Himanshu SundriyalMayank VatsaRicha SinghSimultaneous Detection of Face Attributes via Multi-Task Learning
Class of 2020CSEMT18096Divyanshu SundriyalMayank VatsaRicha SinghTriplet Network based Active Learning method for Semi-Supervised Learning
Class of 2020ECEMT18193AkshaySneh SaurabhNAReducing Breakdown Voltage in a Bipolar Impact Ionization MOSFET (BI-MOS) using Gate Position Optimization
Class of 2020ECEMT18202Jasmine KaurSneh SaurabhNAModelling and Simulation of Programmable Metallization Cell (PMCs) and Muller C-element
Class of 2020CSEMT18072Garvita SaxenaPushpendra SinghNAUnderstanding the Effect of Positioning on Mobile Sensor Data and Its Impact on Applications
Class of 2020CBMT18242Vaibhav MittalVibhor KumarNAPathway-based Analysis for Cell Culture Conditions
Class of 2020CBMT18231Abhijit RajDebarka SenguptaNAPathoMap: Gene-Organ Relationships A Literature-based Investigation, Visualization & Analysis
Class of 2020CSEMT18031Abhinav GuptaVikram GoyalNASubgraph Isomorphism using Deep Learning techniques
Class of 2020ECEMT18174Sagar GuptaA V SubramanyamNAUnsupervised Cross Modal Person Re-Identification
Class of 2021CSE2015081Rupal JainSonia Baloni RayNAStudying neural correlates of motion processing
Class of 2021CSEMT18021Amlaan KarMayank VatsaRicha SinghDisguise Detection for Improving Face Verification
Class of 2021CSEMT18139Vishi JainRicha SinghMayank VatsaIRIS PRESENTATION ATTACK DETECTION
Class of 2021CSEMT18025Suraj PandeyTanmoy ChakrabortyNASyntactically Coherent Data Augmentation forSequence Classification
Class of 2021ECEMT19195Shubham BaunthiyalSneh SaurabhNAA Comparison of SAT-based and SMT-based Frameworks for X-value Combinational Equivalence
Class of 2021ECEMT19183Madhvi AgarwalSneh SaurabhNAAn Efficient Timing Model of Flip-Flops Based on Artificial Neural Network
Class of 2021CBMT18247Rohit GuptaVibhor KumarNAGenomic Investigation of Major Depressive Disorder
Class of 2021ECEMT19176Atul SinghG S VisweswaraParas GargDesign of DC-DC Converter with High Efficiency in 65nm Technology using Switched Capacitor Circuit.
Class of 2021ECEMT19210Shubham KhannaG S VisweswaraParas GargDesign of DC-DC Converter with High Efficiency in 65nm Technology using LC Filter
Class of 2021CSEMT19048Zaki MustafaRajiv Ratn ShahNAExploring Search Methods for Adversarial Text Generation
Class of 2021CSEMT19053Shubham DudejaMd. Shad AkhtarTanmoy ChakrabortyEmotion-Flip Reasoning in Conversations
Class of 2021CSEMT19097Sanjana SoniMd. Shad AkhtarTanmoy ChakrabortyCode-mixed Machine Translation
Class of 2021CSEMT19014Mohit BhardwajTanmoy ChakrabortyMd Shad AkhtarHostileNet: Multi-Label Hostile Post Detection in Hindi
Class of 2021CSEMT19046SnehilTanmoy ChakrabortyNAHate speech evolution in Twitter reply threads
Class of 2021CSEMT19034Dibyendu Roy ChaudhuriA V SubramanyamMd. Shad AkhtarSinkhorn Attacks
Class of 2021ECEMT19148Muskan GuptaRanjitha PrasadNACounterfactual Inference and Survival Analysis
Class of 2021CSEMT19130Arnab ChatterjeeSubhabrata SamajderNAA novel technique for delaying the birth of giant component in Achlioptas Process
Class of 2021ECEMT19173Stuti JainAngshul MajumdarNADeep Matrix Factorization Techniques for Computational Drug Discovery
Class of 2021ECEMT19146Mohammad Taha ShahSumit J DarakNAOn the Design and Performance Analysis of 5G Initial Access Physical Layer
Class of 2021ECEMT19170Prachi ShuklaVivek BoharaNAPerformance comparison of Underwater Wireless communication using Radio and Optical Waves
Class of 2021CBMT19213Ghanendra SinghK. SriramNAModeling the dynamics of Telomere End Replication
Class of 2021CBMT19214Kajal SinglaK. SriramNAA Computational Framework to Study Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia Effect in Parkinson’s Disease
Class of 2021ECEMT19207Pranav JainSneh SaurabhNAApplying Machine Learning methods for Incremental Placement of Digital Circuits
Class of 2021CSEMT19039Krishna YadavMd. Shad AkhtarTanmoy ChakrabortyNormalization of Spelling Variations in Code-Mixed Data
Class of 2021CSEMT19010Desai Poorav AkshayMd. Shad AkhtarTanmoy ChakrabortyMultimodal Sarcasm Explanation
Class of 2021CSEMT19117Chhavi JainTanmoy ChakrabortyNAAnalysing and Detecting Hate Speech on Twitter
Class of 2021CBMT19220Sidrah MaryamGaurav AhujaNARNA based lineage tracking in olfaction and aging
Class of 2021CBMT19219Radhika AroraGaurav AhujaNAElucidating the functional basis of Odorant Receptor genes pseudogenization in humans
Class of 2021CBMT19211Debashish MohantaDebarka SenguptaNACharacterization of cell type boundaries using Spatial Transcriptomic studies
Class of 2021ECEMT19187Prakhar ShuklaAnuj GroverNAIn-Memory Compute for GPUs
Class of 2022CSEMT19025Karan DhingraPravesh BiyaniNAScalable Spatio-Temporal Arrival Time Estimation for Public Transit
Class of 2022ECEMT20156Souradip SanyalGourab GhatakNAOn the Statistical Characterization of the Binomial Line Processes
Class of 2022ECEMT20159Vaibhav BhatGourab GhatakNACooperative Localization using Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces
Class of 2022CSEMT20086Harshal DevMukulika MaityArani BhattacharyaAn Evaluation of Multi-User OFDMA Performance in WiFi 6 and its Optimization for Deadline Constrained Settings
Class of 2022CSEMT20017Tapadeep ChakrabortyDebajyoti BeraNAA Sketch-based Approach towards Scalable and Efficient Attributed Network Embedding
Class of 2022ECEMT20172Aman BhardwajMohammad HashmiNALDO with low quiescent current OTA and capacitance scaling circuit
Class of 2022CBMT19218Nikhil Mark LakraVibhor KumarNAEstimating genetic selection with unified approach and studying its effect on human phenome
Class of 2022CBMT19221Tushar DhyaniGanesh BaglerArjun RayNetwork Biology of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Class of 2022CSEMT18115Rohit AroraSaket AnandAanchan MohanDetection of Doctored Speech: Towards an End-to-End Parametric Learnable Filter Approach